You are the only person who is in charge of how you feel about yourself. Nobody else can possibly do that. You get to decide if you believe you are beautiful or not, and nobody can take it away from you. If someone suggests that you aren’t beautiful, you can consider how sad it is that they have such a limited view of beauty. You can consider how unfortunate is it that they have such an exaggerated sense of self-importance that they think you should care about what they think. You can also choose to realize that it has nothing at all to do with your beauty and everything to do with their limitations.” Ā  – Ragen Chastain

Hi there again. It’s the start of Week 6 I think, and I just realized how screwed am I for some of the modules. (actually, only Drawing and Perspective…) Drawing Taylor Swift was the worse thing I could have done, because she’s too pretty and I’m too scared that I will ugly-fy her HAHA. (Re-listening to Nicki Minaj after a few years and yes she has some quite meaningful songs.) Few days back some of us, well I think 12(?) of us from T11 attended this stay-over Rayne organized at Michael’s Hotel at Sentosa. Sentosa is such a beautiful place at night. It was definitely a memorable day because firstly I rarely go for stay-overs, and secondly I rarely even go out with my friends. I’m not anti-social, I just dislike going out with a group of people and then having situations like “what shall we do next?”, and then everybody will go “I don’t know, you decide.” – How about we just go home. I hate situations like these where all we do is waste everybody’s time and end up not doing much throughout the whole day. I really prefer going out with only 1 or 2 people, rather than going out with 10 people. HOWEVER, with T11 its just different you know. Though it’s a really big group, but I said ‘yes’ without even thinking and I managed to convince my mum to say ‘yes’ too. (Fun fact: there are times where I beg my mum to say ‘no’ to invites to outings because I just don’t see the purpose of these so called outings HAHA)

It was a really fun day, and the day passed so quickly. I went down for pool with some of them beforehand because I just really enjoy pool and I think pool is such a sophisticated sport/activity/whatever you count it as. And, I really want to master pool HAHA. Or at least, play it properly. And then we went down to Vivo for food-hunting, and Youyi being Youyi, she can’t resist food. So food she bought. Okay, I didn’t buy a lot at most 2 packets of biscuits. And maybe another packet of marshmallows. Whatever – point is we bought tons of food. And then we head off to the hotel and we chilled there and played games and what not and then Kimberly and Farhana had to leave which sucks cause I miss them šŸ˜¦ and we just had lots of fun. Though I really wanted to go and explore Sentosa even further but I never did, I don’t know why. Haha, long walks were taken at midnight and I love walking around the area without the crowd and buzz from tourists and basically other humans. I just love the quiet and serenity.

Well side-tracking a little, I think people nowadays really take teachers for granted. I don’t know about everyone else, but respect is the most basic thing you need to give to teachers. People often do not realize how much effort and time teachers put in for their students. No difference for lecturers. When teachers ask you to do a certain assignment, a certain piece of work, I don’t see the need to complain. I mean, okay occasionally every student would dread assignments right but then constant whining and complaining is just ridiculous. Like, how would complaining even help in your assignment? It only dampens your mood and your positive outlook on that piece of assignment, which will then cause you to do the assignment in an anyhow mode. Besides, I don’t see how complaining about the teacher will make the assignment go away. Well I guess your approach on matters depends on how you perceive things and how you see things. Complaining about others won’t help you, because these are factors that can’t be changed. You can’t control how people act, how people think, what people say, so why not leave your thoughts for something more worthy? Like, if you receive a piece of work that you really do not want to do, instead of cursing the person who gave you the work, why not just get over and done with it fast, or if you can, try to see the purpose in the assignment? Viewing things in a more positive perspective not only motivates you to do something, it will also make doing something you don’t like more enjoyable, because you won’t feel like it’s a chore.

Another thing I find it frustrating is when people use ‘talent’ as an excuse to get away with things they are not good at or with things they have absolute no interest in. Everybody can do anything, if they set their heart and minds to it. (Except flying I think….) Well, I’m not saying that talent doesn’t exist – I know it does. But really, hard-work beats talent. You can have all the talent in the world but not do anything about it, or you can be super hardworking and eventually be better than someone who has this thing called ‘talent’. It all depends on how you think. If the first thing that comes to mind when you’re challenged to do something is “I am not talented”/”I am not as talented as him”, then you’re bound to do not as well as the other person. Well you get what I mean.

Positivism changes things. The way you think and the way you view things changes the situation. It all boils down on you really. Don’t give up guys. Good things will always happen to those who constantly think of good things – If that made any sense.

by:Ā Lisa Congdon


A Sky full of stars



Discover why youā€™re important, then refuse to settle for anyone who does not completely agree.”


It’s the end of week 4 now (or is it week 5……), and I must say I can definitely feel the amount of assignments that are piling up. As much I love drawing, as much as I love doodling typography, as much as I love writing….. I must admit I love sleeping even more. HAHA, the inner sloth in me takes over as I type this. T11 has been skyping too frequently that it’s getting really bad now, because most of us are sleep deprived. GUYS, there I said it we need sleep. Or else mental retardation is going to hit us hard soon enough. And I don’t think I can be any more stupider than I already am HAHA. Kidding, but really, we all need sleep terribly.

On a side note, I went for my first ever scholarship interview ever this week Monday, and was really very nervous before the start of it. I had to leave Hip Hop class halfway, without even telling my instructor that I wasn’t able to be back for class, as the interview was delayed for more than an hour. My scheduled time was at 1540, but I ended up going in the interview room only at 1720. Well the first thing I did when I stepped into the waiting room was to leave right after registering. It was nerve-wrecking, being in a room full of smart-looking people on their laptops, typing away, while some were probably just sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere around the room (kidding). (There’s someone singing horribly on my Skype right now, who could it be sigh) Well, thank you to whoever that came and wished me good luck and thank you to the person who stayed with me throughout my whole interview process šŸ˜€ The presence of people I feel comfortable with made me less nervous, and it actually made me forget about the fact that interviews are supposed to be tough and stressful and all that negative stuff. I only went back in to the waiting room when the girl who was scheduled in front of me went back in as well. You have no idea how long that whole waiting process was to me. Well, before I went in I was seated outside the interview room, Panel A (or was it B), and not long later another girl came and sat in front of the other interview room, and I started waving at her, telling her to give it her all using hand signs. The awkward thing was….. she didn’t notice any of that. Yup, I just sat there, waving like an idiot, to someone who did not notice it at all. Which was… cool, I guess. Haha, oh well, the girl went in after 5 minutes, and another girl came to replace her seat. And I was still there. That was how long the interviewee in front of me took. Never understood why the person in front of me took so long, until I went in there myself. I started stuttering at the first sentence, though not really badly, I still can’t believe I spent nearly 20 minutes in that room, though I have really nothing much to talk about. You know what, the interviewers just asked questions that can be asked in an interview. It was predictable, yet still horrifying at the same time.

I guess the interview ended properly and nicely, since I didn’t really mess up that badly. At least I hope so.

Afterwards I went for D3’s dance induction program thing which totally bore me, because I’m never good with crowds and socializing. The whole time I sat there, wondering how fake can one’s laughter get at something this boring. Maybe it’s just me, but somehow I feel like there are a lot of people in that studio that feels the same as I do. Never really liked these sessions where they call ‘bonding’, but yet have nearly a hundred people in a room. Like, how can you do proper bonding with nearly a hundred people, within just 3 hours time?! I don’t like how they use the word ‘bonding’ – I rather they use the word ‘interacting’. Nothing much to talk about that, because I just can’t stand big crowds and meaningless activities like that. I sound like a super anti-social person, and yes I would have to admit that sometimes, I just really really dislike interacting with people. Haha.

And therefore I think that you should appreciate the people that make everything fun for you. Appreciate the people that sacrifice their time, just so you can have a laugh. Appreciate those who vow to never leave your side, and actually do so. Appreciate those who stick up for you, when someone else attempts to hurt you. Appreciate the ones who stay up all night with you, just so you can feel better about yourself. Learn to appreciate everyone around you, not only the people who share the same blood as you, but also those who share the same passion, same perspective, same love as you. True friends do not come easy, but appreciation does. Appreciation goes from a simple “thank you” to “I love you” to “I’ll be there for you”, and appreciation goes a long way. Do not spend time worrying about the things that are bound to happen, like you first failure, your firstĀ kiss, your first interview, instead worry of the things that could eventually screw you up without you even realizing. Besides, I really think that youngsters nowadays who worry about not having their first kiss are the most childish and immature people ever, because 60 years or more later on your deathbed who had your first kiss with won’t matter anymore – it’s the person who has your last kiss that matters most.

When things are meant to be, the whole galaxy would help you set things to the way it is supposed to be. No worries. Everything will be fine eventually.Ā 



Michael Mullan Illustration


Life is great, if you choose to believe it.

Everybody’s looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete
You’ll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be “

Read more:Ā Westlife – Flying Without Wings Lyrics | MetroLyricsĀ 

Please take like 5 minutes to watch this video first – because it’s really inspirational.

It’s the people who stay up till 4am talking about almost nothing of relevance that matters most. It’s the people who sacrifice their sleepĀ just so that you guys spend more time together, even if it means not having enough sleep, and feeling really lethargic the next day. These are the people I am truly grateful for, the people who I absolutely adore and respect. Not everyone is willing to give up their sleep, their own personal hard-to-get rest time, for another human being. I am so grateful yet at the same time so pissed that these guys made me stay up till 4am for the past 3 nights or so. I AM OFFICIALLY SLEEP DEPRIVED GUYS. But it’s okay, because these people are like second family now.

Well week 4 just started, and poly life just gets better and better cause of these people. I went to my first ever dance audition on Friday, and I was really nervous. Like, really afraid. Not because I can’t dance, but because…. I don’t feel confident enough to dance in front of a crowd alone. It scares me a Ā lot, because of the unknown factor that maybe something will crop up or people will think that I’m really bad at dancing…. and because of that, I tend to forget my moves while doing a solo or dancing with very less people on stage but more people watching. Hence, before entering the audition room I was trembling, and what’s worse is that there’s freestyle. I actually had a freestyle routine planned out in my head 10 minutes prior to the audition, but when the choreography part of the dance ended, I immediately turned and forgot every single thing I planned out in my mind. Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. I was panicking and I started doing random stuff like constant turning and constant leg lifts. Which I don’t even know if I did it correctly. HAHA. At one point of time I was looking around and everybody was just constantly doing artistic dance-y jumps that I cannot do after I stopped dancing at the age of 13, and I got scared and wondered if I needed to do that too. I then decided not to – because I could not do it anymore HAHA. I then decided to lie down, which was clearly a big mistake, cause my legs were trembling and I couldn’t stand up straight afterwards. Which led to me making random movements that I thought were contemporary. The 4 eights of the freestyle seemed longer than the 8 eights of choreographed routine I did. I was dying. I survived. When it ended I got so relived, but my legs were still trembling even after 30 minutes. That was how afraid I am.

Nonetheless, a day after, I received a congratulatory email from them saying that I passed the auditions. Though I kinda predicted that I would’ve got in, I was still really shocked and surprised and happy at the same time. It was magical, passing my first ever dance audition. And I’m glad that I have resumed my ‘Dancer’ status now šŸ˜€

Well, there’s a first for everything right? And even if you fail, try try try again.

On not beating yourself up:

Confidence is key guys. Even if you’re doing something totally out of your own comfort zone, remember to have constant confidence. And remember, you can do everything. Just that, well, it only depends on whether you can do it properly or nicely or perfectly or not. You can do anything if you believe and set your heart and mind to. When someone else tells you you can’t do something, well, just walk away and tell yourself –

On proving others wrong:

I don’t know what’s with my Walt Disney spams, but he does say some really really motivational stuff. He’s awesome. And I’m sleep deprived.

NEVER STOP BELIEVING GUYS. You can do it. No matter what it is. By that I mean, you can do anything that isn’t harmful to yourself or your family or your loved ones or anything that harms the society.

You know what I mean.


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State of Happiness

It appears that the reason so many people profess to be miserable is specifically because they think they’re missing out on some magical emotion that “happy” people feel all the time. They’re tormenting themselves over the loss of something that nobody actually has, because that thing doesn’t even have a definition.”

Read more:Ā

That article’s a really good read. Well, it is the end of week 3 now!

And I’m loving school life. Never once hated school life, but I had times where I really really majorly dislike the people in there. Surprisingly, T11 really changed my whole outlook on this whole topic. Yesterday T11 had a confession time and everyone of us (well, mostly) confessed a thing or two about ourselves that were either serious or deep or just really dark… and I’m so glad that they were all willing to share it with us. It takes a lot of courage to send something really personal and confidential, yet they were all willing to pour it all out, and trust these bunch of kids who they have only known for 3 weeks. It feels so magical, and really great, because this kind of bond is the kind of bond that I never got to experience in my past 4 years of Secondary School life. I have a feeling I said the exact same sentence last week, but this is genuinely what I feel. We are family now, and I swear I’m so damn lucky to have such people around me. Isn’t it magical, how strangers of 3 weeks can confide in one another like that?

Another thing I realized is that everyone (I think, or mostly), all of us were outcasts once. Be it in school or at home. It’s something we all related to, and we all know how it feels to be ignored and to be an outcast. I think that’s one of the main reasons why we connect with each other that much. I’ve seriously grown to adore every single one of them so much.

Which brings me back to my main topic – Happiness.

Everyone has a different outlook on happiness and everyone feels happiness differently. However, after reading the article above I then realized that perhaps, everybody has been chasing an illusion, an state of happiness that does not even exist. If the article is even creditable, and each time you feel happiness it does not stay for a long time, thenĀ there is no reason for people to feel depressed and sad or think that their life sucks when they have an occasional bad day, because well, happiness does not stay for a long time. BUT that does not mean that happiness won’t come often. I still believe that happiness is everywhere if you open up your mind and heart and look around you. To me, you can find happiness everywhere, even in the slightest actions or words. I guess you feel happy when someone surround you feels happy, right? It’s sort of like, their happiness is contagious and will eventually spreadĀ to you and you will feel even, or if not slightly, happier. Happiness is a really subjective thing and I honestly hope everyone everywhere sees and receives, if not, gives out happiness to everyone around them.

Lastly, I hope everyone in T11, including the lecturers find happiness constantly. I hope everyone finds happiness in the slightest thing possible, and I hope they feel happy very very frequently – enough for them to tell others ā€œI’m happy”.

Somehow I feel that every sentence I type today is in broken English. Pardon me if it really is in broken English. My English standard drops occasionally then it rises back after a few days. Kinda like… how Remus Lupin changes into a werewolf every full moon.

Ending off with a happy happy quote:

What is coming is better than what is gone. Donā€™t give up hope. Good things often happen when you least expect it.Ā “*

Be happy guys. Happiness is everywhere, just learn to look for it.

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“When you’re happy like a fool, letĀ it take you over.”

Starting off with a lyric from One Republic’s “Good Life”, because this perfectly describes my life right now. It’s the start of a new academic year, and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect of poly. It was overwhelming, the start, but I guess I’m starting to get used to it. Life takes us to the most unexpected places ever, and this is one perfect living example. I never ever thought that I would end up in a polytechnic, taking up a Film and Media related course. One year ago today I was asked on social media where do I plan to go, and I confidently said “JC, or probably some business course in Poly.” Look where I am now – doing Digital Visual Effects in Ngee Ann”s FMS haha. Life is a funny thing, and time and time again life has proved me right that worrying ahead of time will not and will never help. From small issues like what should I eat for lunch, to big and more major issues like which laptop should I get, and which course should I study for the next 3 years, life has taught me not to plan too early ahead of time. I ended up not getting theĀ initial laptop I set my mind on months ago, neither did I ended up studying the initial course that I already got into but appealed out of.(PS. I actually got into Singapore Poly’s Creative Writing for Television and New Media.) And to be honest, ever since lessons started, I don’t think I ever regretted appealing into this course. Well mainly because when I was doing my JAE I was contemplating between SP’s Visual Communications or Creative Writing. I chose Creative Writing in the end, because I figured I love writing more than I love drawing. THEN life surprises me with DVFX. To be really honest, I had no clue what DVFX was all about when I appealed in. All I knew was that DVFX offers a module called ‘Scriptwriting’, which was what I wanted to do. Then I realized that I get to draw and write both at the same time in DVFX. Can you imagine my excitement?!?! AlthoughĀ I only wanted a change of environment in the first place, but somehow I’m really thankful for my last minute reckless decision.

Not to mention that I’m really thankful for having nice classmates and nice lecturers too! Appealing into Ngee Ann also gave me another topic to talk about to my brother, who was a former student of Ngee Ann’s Mechanical Engineering school.

Which brings me to another topic – being thankful. Somehow I find that people don’t show their appreciation for one another until it’s too late, and I also feel that most people nowadays aren’t thankful enough. (Okay, it’s just a personal opinion, and I’m sure there are many people who I haven’t met or know of are very thankful for everything in their life.) I’m not the most thankful person ever, but as time pass by I realize how important it is to be thankful and to be appreciative. Even for the smallest things, like thanking the bus driver who got you safely to school and safely back home, to the hawkers that cook your meals in school every single day without fail. I don’t know what others think about showing their gratitude or their appreciation every single time, but I personally feel the need to thank people every time they do something nice, be it for me or someone else. Don’t you think it’s really important to let others know that you’re thankful and you feel appreciative of them? Haha, because personally sometimes I would really love to know if people appreciate or are thankful for my presence, or for something I did, though it doesn’t really matter all the time.

Lastly and most importantly, I think it’s super important that each one of us are thankful for ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I’m really thankful to myself for being alive and kicking today.

Okay, I don’t know if this made any sense at all but…..

“We all got our stories but please tell me what’s there to complain about?”

And I hereby end off with the last sentence of One Republic’s “Good Lifeā€.